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What is Curriculum Improvement?

Curriculum Improvement requires the ongoing analysis of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Through this process, educators determine how to improve student learning by using curriculum mapping data, assessment data, including student grades and state tests; and instructional data to place learning in context.  Making use of solid data on a regular basis provides an opportunity to improve teaching practices in real-time, as needed, thus driving instruction and improving student learning.

What is Standards-Based Scoring?

Standards-Based Scoring provides significant insight into the level of learning for each student based on learning targets which are state or local standards. While Standards-Based Scoring can be either formative or summative, its true power is as a formative assessment tool.  By assessing student progress towards specific learning targets and sharing that data in real time, students and parents are supplied with information necessary to improve learning.

What is Curriculum Mapping?

Curriculum Mapping is a process for documenting the operational curriculum, analyzing the curriculum through all grade levels and subject areas, systematically refining the curriculum to improve flow, continuity, and rigor of instruction, and managing the process for sustainability. Curriculum Mapping is more than putting a curriculum online. It is using curriculum data to make critical decisions about how to improve our collective practice and increase student learning.


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